7.0 – WorkWellPro

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Content may also be applicable to HRreview and other publications, but the examples and case studies are developed using the WorkWellPro site.


7.3 – Cornerstone Content Page Set Up

Length: 76 minutesComplexity: Standard

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Cornerstone content pages are focused on key topics with the intent that they should be spotted by Google and featured in search results.  The content needs to be both useful to a person and indexable by Google.

7.2 – Creating a Post

Length: 101 minutesComplexity: Easy

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This unit covers how to set up a basic post for a news item of feature article.  It takes you through some of the styling and house format options as well as touching on the use of each module on the back end post page. We recommend you make the video full screen mode to […]

7.1 – Finding News Content

Length: 77 minutesComplexity: Easy

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In this module we explore how to find news content. We begin with a review of four potential stories identified using a Google search and we assess why they might not be suitable for us. We then work through a list of news sources and websites from relevent organisations to assess what content (generally press […]

7.6 – Tips and Tricks

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Easy

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A collection of shorter videos covering: Opening sentences for news; News vs Features; Too much content?  Managing the site and newsletters; Crediting Authors; Preparing Content Submitted using the Online Form; Using the Instructions Section; Campaigns and Guides – what they are and how we use them; Changing the Home Page Slider